Empowering women to take the helm

I had the pleasure of sailing with Angie in the BVI's for a few days this past May. She is the utmost professional in woman sailing captains. Funny, professional, great instructor (and I've had my share at woman's sailing conferences, and ASA schools), thorough, and safe. No matter what boat she is on, this woman knows her stuff! I wish I was on the east coast to continue my sailing adventures and schooling with her. Don't hesitate to get your skills down with her.


Pismo Beach, CA

Captain Angie is a fantastic sailor, coach, and educator. She approaches sailing with a passion and zeal you rarely see and she inspires you to want to learn all the ins and outs of the craft. I can never thank her enough for what she's taught me and the friendship that's resulted from our time on the water together. I would recommend anyone to experience sailing with Capt A and expand your horizons on the water!!


My girlfriend and I spent a week sailing in the Bahamas with Capt. Angie Wilson - it was one of the best vacations ever! Not only did we learn the basics of sailing (I’m a COMPLETE Newb), but we enjoyed extraordinary private beaches, night spots, fishing, snorkeling, etc. - and MUCH less expensively than we would spend on any other similar exotic vacation. Capt. Angie is a skilled sailor (understatement) and is a patient and gifted instructor. We flew into Marsh Harbour, gathered our necessities for the voyage, and we were sailing on day one. It is an experience I would like to repeat in the not-too-distant future.

Dr. Teresa

Prior to sailing lessons with Angie, I lacked confidence in my own abilities at the helm and would quickly relinquish control to my husband when winds increased. During my week of lessons, Angie’s instruction and coaching improved my sailing skills to the point that I am more comfortable at the helm. On a recent trip, I took the helm for the entire sailing trip. Now I love it when the winds gust and the boat takes off! Thank you, Angie!



I was lucky enough to have attended a week-long, all-women sailing trip. Aboard a 49' vessel, 8 women from diverse backgrounds, geographies, and varied levels of experience we island-hopped together under the watchful eye of our Captain- Angie Wilson. She combined expert instruction for some and a relaxing sailing vacation for others into a pleasant and comfortable experience for all... not an easy feat. She did all that and more... she made us laugh... lots! I had some solid sailing experience, but was most amazed at Captain Angie's depth and breadth of sailing knowledge as she expertly answered each and every question posed to her as our expert... and that she is! I intend to go back for more!

Aspiring Cruiser!